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Many individuals often overlook how everyday activities like bending down, carrying boxes, or working can become a daunting task when suffering from back pain. Though several cases of back pain will dissipate on their own, it is crucial to seek medical assistance from spine experts like Dr. Arutyunyan if the pain persists or worsens over time. With his expertise, you can receive adequate care and relief from back pain, effectively preventing further damage. Hence, do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Arutyunyan for professional help in restoring your back’s health and ensuring that daily activities no longer pose a significant challenge.

Zach L
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Dr. Arutyunyan is very personable and communicative, and listens well. Everything one needs in a doctor and more, highly recommended!
Nick S
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Going to the doctor for back pain is very nerve wrecking, he did a great job with everything, and so nice!
Chris L
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Very personal, very knowledgable, referred me to a colleague and got me seen the same day. Would highly recommend!
Natalia C.
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Dr. Arutyunyan is great, his staff was great, and the visit overall was great. -Friendly -Informative -timely/efficient
Marlene G
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Dr. Arutyunyan has a wonderful bedside manner. Helps put you at ease in a difficult medical situation.